What is included in Our Package

  •  Registration Fees
  •  Company Pan Card
  •  Name search & approval
  •  MOA / AOA
  • DIN of 3 Directors
  •  Digital Signatures For 3 Director

What is means by Nidhi company?

nidhi company, is one that belongs to the non-banking Indian finance sector and is recognized under section 406 of the Companies Act, 2013. Their core business is borrowing and lending money between their members. They are also known as Permanent Fund, Benefit Funds, Mutual Benefit Funds and Mutual Benefit Company. Nidhi Companies in India are created for cultivating the habit of thrift and savings amongst its members. Nidhi companies are allowed to borrow from its members and lend to its members. Therefore, the funds contributed for a Nidhi company are only from its members (shareholders).